Non toxic lies

Holy fuckin cow

Jumping into non toxic skin care is unbelievably frustrating.

So I had half my thyroid removed due to cancer, I decided at that time I wanted to use more non toxic skin care products, mainly  to avoid endocrine disrupters and cancer causing ingredients. Little did I know this was so frustrating and time consuming!

It’s a no brainer for me to ditch big scary ingredients like aluminum, parabens & BHA, but then you dive into the non toxic world and marketing and hidden ingredients are enough to make you wanna go crazy!!

I’ll tell you my conclusion on all this, find a source you trust, for me it’s the EWG website, they have an app too, and check all your ingredients. Second, find a non toxic product with as few ingredients as possible and preferably ones you can pronounce.

This post we are gonna dive into deodorant… hang in there it’s a doozy. If you wanna skip to the end I list the three final picks… otherwise read on

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

We all have bacteria all on our skin and inside our bodies that serve different functions. Our arm pits are no exception to the colonization of bacteria. You are a smelly mess because when you sweat, bacteria digests your sweat and creates your nasty funk.

Deodorant works by killing or blocking the bacteria so that you don’t stink. Antiperspirants actually block your ability to sweat, usually these products contain aluminum. I would argue that your body sweats not only to cool you when over heated, but also to excrete toxins. For me personally, I want to sweat out all the toxins I can, so antiperspirants are 100% not an option.

Go aluminum free

Ditch aluminum and watch out for assholes who say the deodorant is aluminum free but list potassium alum on the ingredient list. Potassium alum is naturally occurring larger molecule than aluminum, but when placed in water for a spray deodorant and applied to newly shaved underarms, there is no good understanding on the amount absorbed by the body.

In short – avoid it

Parabens, phthalates & other scary shit

There is debate on all these hot topic ingredients because the research and data available generally sucks, but my approach is to avoid them. Why risk it? There are great, highly effective, non toxic products out there that are becoming more and more affordable. Also, not to mention all the DIY recipes for things like deodorant, face masks and lotions.

If any of this crap increases my chance of breast cancer, Alzheimers or endocrine diseases then I don’t want it in my house or on my skin.

If you wanna read more about aluminum and toxic ingredients in deodorant check out this article by Chris Kresser.

Anyway, back to deodorant, here are the three that I have either tried or you guys have recommended to me. Take the plunge into non toxic skin care, sure it’s confusing AF in here, but the waters fine.

Stay zen and don’t get Alzheimers,


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