Axillary Detox

I detoxed my arm pits for one week


Cause we are all about that woo woo shit at Zen AF Studio, that’s why.

There is probably zero chance that applying clay to my arm pits for 7 days was going to hurt me, but I smell like a 400 pound construction worker, so the benefits could be massive. While I do think that foods can influence your stanky body odor, I wanted to address the bacteria on my pits through 7 days of clay masks.

The woo woo ring leaders, like Ariana, swear by the aztec clay mask and hold the theory that using it directly on the underarms will pull toxins from the body and manage bacterial imbalances that may leave you smelling more like a rotting onion, and less like the sweet delicate rose that you are.

I have been using non toxic deodorants for about three years, by non toxic I mean aluminum and paraben free. I have tried several brands but settled recently on Erbaviva deodorant spray as my favorite. I noticed with the onset of warmer days I was a smelly hot mess. So I did the clay mask for 7 days and this is what I learned….


Legit, it worked for me. I sweat with the Erbaviva spray of course but even after 60 minutes of hot yoga I was so happy that I didn’t smell like the inside of a garbage can. This is pretty huge for me… and for those who have to live in close proximity to me. I will say that after day 3 I noticed a big difference in the way I smelled.


The clay mask is no doubt a little messy. I highly recommend making the paste and applying it before you take a shower. It takes about ten minutes for it to dry, and if you make it the consistency of a thick paste, then it won’t drip all over the place. Once it dries I left it on for about 5 more minutes before I washed it off in the shower.

Here are the ratios I used to get the paste

1 Tablespoon of aztec clay

1 Teaspoon water

1 Teaspoon apple cider vinegar


BUT BEWARE!!! The apple cider vinegar might burn, especially if you recently shaved, so feel free to add more water and skip the vinegar if you think your skin is very sensitive. The clay is pretty affordable and sold at most Whole Foods. The clay can also be used on the face and he jar is huge, it lasts for a really long time.

So, if you detox your pits lemme know how it goes!

Do you wanna hear more about how to choose a non toxic deodorant or why I chose to do so? Lemme know in the comments, I can whip up a post on that!

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