Down to business

Let’s be real, January was fucking weird.

So weird.

So it’s February… ok it’s the middle of February… and we are trying to get our shit together. The first week of this month we drank our greens, so we added something healthy to our daily routine. Now this week we are gonna take a shitty habit away… eating sugar.

Refined and added sugar is going BYE BYE BYE. We are ditching sugar in our coffee, as a snack, and for dessert. Anything with naturally occurring sugars, like real whole fruit, are okay to stay.

We get it, this sucks big hairy donkey balls, but you’re a grown ass adult and you have the power to make great decisions that impact your health and wellness. So suck it up, jump on the bandwagon and believe in yourself because YOU FUCKING GOT THIS!!

We are giving you plenty of notice, you have three days to devour all the Valentine’s Day candy and get an alternative coffee creamer. Make it fun and torture your loved ones by getting them to join in.

Do we really need to cover all the reasons refined sugar needs to be limited in your diet? Oh for fucks sake… fine… here are a few of the reasons sugar should be limited or all together eliminated from you daily diet.

  1. it makes you fat
  2. it increases your risk of heart disease
  3. it fucks with your skin
  4. increases inflammation and can increase cancer risk like endometrial cancer
  5. makes your wrinkles worse
  6. irregular spikes in blood sugar can increase anxiety, depression and mood swings
  7. increases your risk of type 2 diabetes

Come on, do I need to go on? We are all adults, we know that we want sugar but we sure as shit DO NOT NEED SUGAR. So for 1 week lets cut the sugar out of diet and see how we feel, all the shitty sugar foods will still be around in 7 days if you decide this isn’t for you.

Well, how the hell am I gonna survive this?

Here are some tips:

1. Drink plenty of water- drink 0.5- 1 ounce of water per body weight daily. I weigh 140 pounds so I will drink about 3-4 liters of water a day.

2. Have high protein snacks on hand to keep you full and your blood sugar from dropping

3. Have a piece of fruit, nothing bigger than the palm of your hand, for dessert if you are really craving something sweet

4. Identify what has added sugar that you consume daily and plan a sugar free substitute ahead of time

Good luck you guys, YOU GOT THIS! If you accepted this challenge, I know you will  knock it outta the fucking park!!

Stay sweet and zen as fuck,


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