Open Wide

It’s time to do what your mamma says and EAT YOUR DAMN GREENS!

Seven day challenges are our jam because we have ADHD, too many goals and 457 things to do before noon. So our goal this week is to drink our greens. Sure, you can eat a kale salad or choke down some broccoli … but we know you aren’t gonna do that! So click THIS LINK , buy the powdered greens and let’s move on.

Goal: Drink our greens every day for 7 days

Assumed outcome: take better shits, have better looking skin and feel awesome that we did something for ourselves

Come on now this is an easy one let’s all do it together and get a little teeny bit healthier as a community!

Love you all & we expect to hear from you on how this week goes!

Love Summer & Ariana

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