Schedule that shit

Schedule that shit.

It’s so easy to get lost.  Particularly, when you have children at home who need a freaking routine.

Wake up, get dressed, make lunches, throw breakfast at some mouths, drop-off, workout …Or not.. Instagram, Facebook, some random chores, holy crap- it’s pick up already? Dinner, bedtime.


Do it again.

And again.

And again.


[insert mental breakdown]


Okay, take a breath.

See what I mean?  It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and forget about yourself.  Remember her? Or him? They are still in there, and man, is it so important to not forget that sweet soul. Yesterday, I fed every single person in my family of 5 a different meal for dinner. {it’s a shitty habit, don’t do that}.  2 hours later, I realized I did not feed myself. I. DID. NOT. FEED. MYSELF. What the fuck? I literally thought I had eaten because I cooked for an hour. I forgot to do 1 of 2 things that keep me alive.  Oh, crap, come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I drank water either. I know I’m not the only one who does this.

It’s important to find something that fills your soul.  We have heard it all before, you can’t fill others cups with an empty one.  Cliché, but it’s true. You can’t. Finding something, ANYTHING, that brings you joy, gives you depth, purpose, quiet time, and a moment for fucking reflection.

Take 5 minutes, right now, and pick something you want to do. For you- not for your kids, not for your partner, something that makes you feel more whole, something that is filling that teeny emptiness.  Something that you have whispered to yourself, if I had the time, I would totally do that.

You DO have the time.  Surprise! I promise, whether it’s working out, volunteering, meditating, or starting a business..  Whatever it is, you have time for it. You just have to schedule it. You have to create the space, or it will inevitably get filled with laundry or looking at the Insta of your high school boyfriend’s cousin that you met a party 15 years ago.

It really doesn’t have to take long,just an hour is enough.   Create the space and tell Alexa to remind you that it’s time for you.

So go to that calendar you bought at the beginning of the year, you know the one, you haven’t opened it yet.  Pick an hour, and SCHEDULE. THAT. SHIT. Block it out, set the alarm on your phone.

And here’s the most important part.

Do it.

Guilt free.

Do the thing that makes you happy, and leave the guilt at the door.  Guess what Honey, you are entitled to a little time for something you love.  Or even, something new, that you aren’t sure you love yet.

And it’s okay.

If your partner is not understanding.  It’s time for a talk- because a mental breakdown is much harder to handle than a 45 min dance class.

Okay peeps.  Pick the things, schedule the things, actually do the things, and stay Zen AF.

Much love and light to you.


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  1. summer davies says:

    Such a good reminder!

  2. summer davies says:

    Great job Ariana!

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