But First…

OMG how many times a day do I say this? I’ll work out, but first… I have to do the dishes, clean the kitchen, put clothes away. I will go for a walk when the hubs gets home, but first …. I have to make sure the kids have dinner, change diapers, put away more clothes.

Let them get the best of you, don’t let them get the rest of you

My yoga instructor said this during a holiday class at corepower yoga. It stopped me mid practice and I repeated it to myself until I was sure it was memorized. God, how many times a day do I put EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else before me? Constantly I put myself and what I need on the back burner. Sure as a mom and wife it’s so natural for us to make sure our home and family are cared for, I am not saying to stop the wonderful things we do daily that keep our lives running, I am saying if we don’t put ourselves first, if we don’t tend to our needs or growth as an individual we will have nothing but the dregs of our existence to offer to those we love.

Let them get the best of you

I am my best self when I am rested, when I get to be active or work out and when I get a small amount of alone time-preferably to meditate or read. Let the dishes rot in the sink, let the clothes sit in a crumpled pile on the counter and for fucks sake dinner can wait 20 more minutes. Almost everything we prioritize over ourselves can wait 20-60 minutes while you get a dose of what rejuvenates you and if it can’t ASK FOR HELP!

Don’t let them get the rest of you

The tired, worn down, bitter mom, the one that wants to throat punch her husband when he says he has to travel one more day to an awesome city for work, the mom that wants to scream when one more hand pulls on her pant leg is the mom that needs to reevaluate her self care standards. Feeling crowded, overwhelmed and annoyed is a sign that you need space and yes- you have to create it for yourself. No one, not even that amazing husband of yours, is going to protect you or your sanity, nor is it his job, it’s yours!
Take pride in the fact that you are an amazing person with desires, hobbies and interests that extend beyond your husband and children. Find the thing that energizes you and DO IT! Fill your cup so you can share yourself with others, take that time for yourself so you can multitask the day away like the bad ass parent you are.

Stay Zen Bitches,


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