Our Mantra

We video chatted, sent insta pics and texted 100s of times to discuss our mantra. Who are we? Who do we want to be?

We knew a few things for certain, we aren’t perfect nor do we pretend to be. We are two mammas raising a total of five little humans and showing up daily as wives, daughters and sisters. Sharing our joys, laughter and struggles are a part of our journey and trying to find our zen and squeeze in a little self love is a daily goal.

No matter who you are we hope that in sharing our stories, products we love and our truth we can help others find their zen and embrace their light. We don’t have all the answers, just some bomb as fuck products that reflect love, light and little …ok a lot… of sass.

Everyone is welcome here, we are imperfect beings learning to turn troubles to triumphs. Sharing truth and honesty forges us and allows us to acknowledge our weaknesses and turn them to strength.
who have all the tools we need inside ourselves to face this world and conquer it, leaving behind a trail of magic, light and love for those who come after us. So let’s speak our truth and for fucks sake may we all stay
magical, in the light, honest and ZEN AS FUCK

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    let’s put this on a shirt!

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